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Things We Like

At Diadem we are interested in creativity, innovation, new ways of thinking and cool stuff that people are doing all over the world.

Treehotel - architecture

Nestled in a small village called Harads in Sweden you will find a truly unique hotel experience that is Treehotel. Located in the tall pine forest with spectacular views of the Lule River there are 5 very different tree rooms suspended 4-6 metres above the ground. Each room is unique. Not only the architecture but also its furniture, lighting and fabrics are custom designed.


Diadem supports a number of community projects and charitable organisations that are close to our heart.

Road to Port Cycle Challenge

Last year Diadem Director Adrian Calleri participated in a 1,200 kilometre bike ride from Port Melbourne to Port Macquarie to support the Kids Foundation. The riders were met at the end of the final leg by some of the kids that have benefited From kids Foundation work.


Dialect is Diadem’s regular electronic newsletter that highlights the most recent activities of the business.