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Diadem provides a range of consulting, management and construction services across four core service streams of multi-site rebranding, architectural signage, wayfinding and digital signage

Vector Arena Auckland - Signage

Multi-Site Rebranding

Diadem is a safe pair of hands when it comes to implementing multisite rebranding projects. We think strategically and provide an unbiased approach as the brand transitions from creative to operational departments to ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Kmart Tyre & Auto Service - Multi-Site Rebranding

A new identity or a brand refresh is a valuable opportunity to realise hidden potential.

Diadem provides strategies to ensure quality, cost efficiencies and long lasting brand consistency.

We speak the language of creative agencies and the supply network. Our experience enables clarity in the process of transformation.

Architectural Signage

We combine progressive thinking, production knowledge and innovation to deliver outstanding architectural signage and installations. We speak the language of creative team, as well as that of the shop floor, to deliver certainty and manage risks.

Successful architectural signage projects are all about pushing boundaries while managing risk and having confidence in the outcome.

Diadem works collaboratively with designers, architects, developers and builders to deliver architectural signage and installations across spaces including retail, commercial and public precincts.

Introducing product design and innovative problem solving into the development process, we enable creative designers and architects to stretch their thinking and consider new ideas that may not otherwise be explored.


Our wayfinding solutions help create legible spaces that in turn improve the customer experience. We are holistic in our approach combining graphic messaging, architecture, interiors, human behaviour and journey planning.

We design and deliver wayfinding solutions that are easy to use, adaptable and flexible. We approach all projects from a user-centric perspective. Each project has its own problems to be solved and no outcome is the same.

Human experiences are impacted by the clarity and presentation of visual information. Good wayfinding and journey planning can contribute to the emotional state and happiness, satisfaction, justification, respect, and sense of being cared for. This translates to a positive experience that can increase and inspire brand loyalty.

Our work in this sector covers airports and transportation, hospitals, universities, community facilities, shopping centres, commercial and residential developments, public spaces and urban precincts.

Digital Signage

Diadem has integrated many digital solutions for clients as part of our overarching design, management and procurement services across retail and commercial assets, car park, university campuses and civic spaces.

Diadem has successfully designed and implemented digital signage for clients including Vicinity Centres, Emporium, Federation Square, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Exhibition Convention Centre and Collin’s Square.

For organisations getting the infrastructure right is critical. While technology is important it is the customer experience and engagement that should drive decision-making. A well-considered strategy will include both digital and traditional means of engagement to reach an audience.

Case Studies

  • ANZ Bank

    Rebranding 4,000 sites across 32 countries
  • Giant Bikes

    Continuous design improvement
  • K-Mart Tyre & Auto

    Refreshing and relaunching a new brand
  • Repairlink

    Simplifying a complex rebranding project
  • Rugby World Cup (NZ)

    Event wayfinding and customer experience
  • The Star Casino

    From concept to a built reality
  • Westfield Group

    Applying brand identity to a global flagship


  • Lost in Translation Booklet

    Strategies for developing a successful brand identity
  • Recent Projects Booklet

    A pictorial summary of recent work


  • Lost in Translation Whitepaper

    The Value of Design